Transfer Season Deadline

Revealing Bevlans Premier League Brochure…premier league copy logo

Since we specialise in providing quality office furniture, we felt that we should incorparate our own Bevlans Premier League theme of office furniture transfers where there is no deadline.

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Offers of the week – Ex Showroom furniture

Don't miss out

Don’t miss out

The best time of the week!

Offers of the week – Ex showroom furniture

As you can see on the right, here are the best deals we have to offer this week.

Some of these deals came as a shock to me as they seem to be the lowest prices I’ve ever seen!

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Italian Desk Mayhem

Ciao everyone, we have an exciting Italian Desk mayhem!

As you all know, the Italians have always been masters when creating stunning

Italian Desk

Italian Green Glass & Wenge L Shaped Desk & Italian Red Glass L Shaped Desk

architecture, interiors, clothing, and furniture.

Due to their expertise. We as an office furniture supplier love providing Italian manufactured products as the quality from start to finish is something to behold. Whether you are young or old, seeing a chair, desk or table that is designed by an Italian creates an instant luxurious feeling. Most of you women will know what I mean…

What we have to offer today that has been including within our ‘Offer of the week‘ newsletter is our amazing range of pre-loved luxurious Italian desks that come with storage units.

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Chicago reception furniture set up

Chicago reception set up

Chicago reception set up – One time only

Are you thirsty for a lively reception area?  Due to an admin duplication we have this designer chicago reception set up available for limited time only… What we mean is that it is recieving alot of attention at the moment due to its 40% knockdown special price. Included in the reception set up will be 1x Funky modern chicago two seater sofa, 2x single seater chairs and 1x Stylish chicago coffee table 

Still waiting for the price?

Don’t worry!

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Is your IQ higher than our eye catching soft seating range?

Intelligence equals evolution in any form of creation!


Soft seating range IQ

Even within furniture…

An eye-catching chair, such as the IQ manages to look excitingly intelligent, radical and inviting at the same time. With its choice of a high or low back and smooth, clever durable swivel mechanism, this is a great chair for places where the emphasis is on positive relaxation and communication.

The polished chrome base offers superb stability for the steel framed injection moulded foam seat.

Evolve your office space and thrive with this exciting contemporary soft seating range known as IQ.

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The Jut outdoor furniture collection

JutPresenting… The Jut outdoor collection

Designed by Karim Rashid for the Spanish label VonDom… A collection to be desired amongst its italian competitors.  From the style to the finish, a good first impression for your outdoor space is guaranteed with the Jut.

The young & innovative look creates a stunning and fresh vibe that would enhance the space it is in. The Jut Side Table looks exquisite and will be in one with the nature it is around.  Fresh, Innovative, Young, is what the Jut Side Table is recognised for. No matter how big or small your outdoor space is, the size and portability makes it space friendly.

The Jut Side table is an environmentally friendly piece of outdoor furniture that will catch your eye in every angle.

Why not visit us at one of the largest showrooms in the UK right outside your door?

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The mesh back chair that is suited for every individual, Fact.



Comfort comes first when buying a chair. Second is style, this ticks all the boxes already. The mesh back chair that is suited for every individual, Fact.

The simplicity, comfort, and style of the chair introduces a sleek and simple personality with a contemporary and modern finish. Looking at the Kara chair gives me the shivers as it can be used for almost any occasion. The Kara chair can be placed within Meeting rooms, collaborative areas, workstations and offices.

I can see that you are already adore this chair. Why not take it out for a spin?

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Green Eco Livings temporary adoption!

Well… Metaphorically speaking of course.

Since day one at bevlan office Facebook 2MBinteriors we often come accross small businesses, customers, and locals coming enquiring about the loan of some of our office furniture within our warehouse & showroom. And we were in a position where this was an option and chose to grow and expand and thrive of this feature that we have. Luckily for us, we provide many ways for our customers to use our office furniture and have made us a popular compeitor within our area.

Here is an example at Green Eco Living who we have most recently loaned a desk and chair too. The company chose us because we have been around for 30 years and still provide the old fashioned customer service that has long passed away since the development of technology and time. Green Eco Living is a leading provider of eco friendly, energy efficient home garden office buildings and suppliers of camping pods. Based in Lancashire and are able to design, install, and build themselves.

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Cheer up your office space with some funky seating ranges

Cheer up your office space with some funky seating ranges. Presenting our JOY, HAPPY, GIGGLE, AND SMILE, each with their own personality and style. Each of these seating ranges can influence the atmosphere to your office space and turn your space into somwhere you cant wait to arrive to in the morning!

collageIntroducing the JOY chair, the fabulous seating range that brings a contemporary and fun outlook to your office space as well as a high level of comfort directed to any type of body shape.

Presenting HAPPY! Doesnt the name already do it justice? There is nothing more I can say about this chair apart from the simplicity and modern personality that it brings to your office space. There is also another way you halt those awkward silences and dull atmosphere you get in your office.

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