Schools in Lancashire

Lancashire Schools

At Bevlan we have been delivering exciting and engaging learning spaces to Schools in Lancashire and throughout the UK for around 30 years.

Our services.

From classrooms to social spaces, we offer a full range of services for office refurbishment in schools, which include using our many loyal contacts that provide:  lighting, flooring, standard and bespoke furniture and storage solutions, ensuring the same high level of service regardless of the size of the project.

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How to Make The Most of Your Office Space

Bevlan Office Interiors


Whether you are planning to refurbish your existing space or you’re thinking of relocating and need to fit-out a new workplace, we believe the first thing you should do is carry out a detailed area analysis of the space.

At bevlan we offer office space planning either as a standalone service or as part of a refurbishment or relocation project.  The area analysis we carry out will take a look at your workspace, workflow, storage and office furniturerequirements, number of people you need to accommodate within the space and your plans for future expansion.

Undertaking a detailed area analysis will enable us to offer advice and suggestions on design, layout, furniture, lighting and flooring and how to maximise the available space.

Office Safety Tips

Office Safety is a key environmental safety rule that everyone must abide by when planning to create an office.

At Bevlan we have introduced 3 simple tips you should follow:

Office safety tips

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Seating Assessment Guidelines

Are you sitting correctly or suffering from back problems? With our simple, quick, and informative seating assessment guidelines you will be on your way to a perfect posture!

Are you suffering from back problems

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How to space plan an office

How to space plan an office

How to space plan an office?

Your office is the first thing you go to when you come to work, so seeing a well designed workplace that is visually apealing makes sence. It also plays a mental aspect increasing your efficiency withing your job and the motivation to keep you working.

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Back to school furniture

September has begun meaning heavy traffic, hectic schedules and noisy back to schoolchildren!

We can help with all the stress of getting back to school for all you teachers out there. The range of educational furniture we offer will secure you with peace of mind and guarantee your back to school furniture with a long life of dealing with active and messy children.

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