5 Productivity Tips for Small Business Owners



You get back to your desk after lunch and your mind goes blank for what you should get on with next. When you feel tired or have a mind block, many people think they’ve just not had enough sleep or ate too much food for lunch. Those things can be true and a caffeine fix is often talked about as being the solution. However here are 5 top tips that could really make the difference to increase productivity.

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Wireless Charging Office Furniture

wireless charger collage

We’ve recently noted Ikea have announced they are soon to be bringing out some new wireless-charging furniture. This is a really useful tool to have within your workplace. Bevlan Office Interiors have been selling office desks with wireless charging portholes since Spring 2014.

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Latest Projects – Training 2000

T2000 Logo

One of our recent project was at Training 2000. The large training group was established almost 50 years ago. We were pleased to be asked to equipe the Marketing Suite. 

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