Standing is the NEW Sitting

There are major health benefits for standing for much of the day rather than sitting. A recent survery showed many of us spend up to 12 hours a day sitting looking at computers or watching TV. If you also take into account the hours you sleep which is 7 – 8 hours on average, there is only 4 hours to be up on your feet. Victoria Beckham was recently pictured using a desk with built in treadmill. Maybe the treadmill isn’t right for your office! But Bevlan have a solution.

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New Linked Seating for Breakout Areas – Tandem

Revitalise your breakout zones with the Tandem. Modified linked seating that defines and sets the parameters of modern office furniture. With its undercut design and central cube ,the units configure into a multiplicity of shapes and linked designs.


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Uffix – My Mood, My Design.


Uffix office furniture is a way of life, an impeccably clever form of office furniture that understands our wellbeing and works around our lifestyle.

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