5 Reasons Not To Ban Social Media In The Office


5 Reasons Not To Ban Social Media In The Office.

The future, today, yesterday or whatever day. It’s now the golden age for forever and beyond no matter how many times your grandparents tell you, and to all those against it. They have now come to appreciate the advances of social media and its provision for socialisation in the present age.

Here’s why I think Social Media is beneficial in the work place.

1. It increases productivity, not decreases it. An AT&T study in 2008 revealed that social networking access actually increases productivity at work.  The report cited the tools ability to increase individual knowledge and collaboration between teams as key benefits of using social media at work.

2. Enables positive multi-tasking skills. Multi-tasking is essential for your job and though some managers may be concerned of your direct focus to your job, it is in fact increasing your productivity, efficiency and awareness skills. Take this and show your boss that you can concentrate on your job whilst using social media.

3. Enforcing a ban does not work. We all know from our childhood days that banning something makes us what to break the rules even further, though we are all adults why shouldn’t you trust your employees? Break of the persistent rule that using social media at work is a bad thing and start letting your employees engage with your customers. The fact is, if your not engaging with your customers, your competitors will.

4. POS. You use it when it suits you. An increasing number of companies are using social media to recruit people.  They’ll advertise on LinkedIn for instance, or have a Facebook page for potential recruits.  So they’re clearly looking to recruit people with high social media savvy, yet as soon as they enter the workforce it is taken away.

5.  Trust. Four letters, one word. May seem simple but trust can not be earned straight away and we all know this. But by making baby steps in the right direction this can be earned. Trusting your employees to use social media for your company’s benefit allows them to feel that they are trusted, wanted, and allows them the freedom to explore their creative minds. In time trusting your employees can lead to better relationships, exploration of skill improvement and retaining a working relationship at the same time.

 I’d love to hear your take on this, do you ban social media at work?  Leave your comments below