Bevlan Office Interiors Triple Twitter Win!

PurpleBiz #BlueBiz #TwitterBrothers

Our Triple Twitter Win!

For the small minority of people who may not know about these badges I will explain. The award for #PurpleBiz, #BlueBiz and #TwitterBrothers UK Business of the Day is announced every day! Although a social media award may not sound very rewarding it is in considered a huge achievement on Twitter.



How to win?

To win these social media awards you must follow a set criteria stated by the Twitter User which is commonly a digital media marketing company… Now that I can see you’re eyes are gleaming with excitement, here are the rewards.


What do you get?

These digital marketing agencies Re tweet/Post/Interact with their followers about your product and service. Generating up to 500 Interactions consisting of mentions, Re tweets and Favorites. As well as gaining 100’s of new followers for yourself. Most of these digital media agencies have around 50,000 followers so you can imagine how many of them seeing your company and what it has to offer.


It’s free marketing including advertising and brand awareness amongst 1000’s. Are you seeking competitive advantage against your competitors? Try twitter and reap these awards that can also generate leads and business opportunities!


What’s next for Bevlan?

Firstly, our social media presence has grew hugely with daily Re-tweets of our products and services The last 6 months of enhancing our social media presence has been challenging but also very rewarding. Although we are now on LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest, Blogging, Tweeting & Facebook-ing it is vital that we focus on what actually is right for Bevlan Office Interiors. This has to be Twitter as it generates a lot of  notoriety and online presence and works for us in what we do.

Our goal is to grow our online presence further and to attain the #SBS ‘Small Business Sunday’ Awarded by @TheoPathitis. This award is considered to be one of the largest achievements on Twitter for small businesses from a millionaire successful entrepreneur typically popularized from Dragons Den and his numerous charity projects.