The Eco Leather Story

Used Leather with Love

In this feature we make you aware of the manufacturing process of Leather. Significant interest from our clients from educational, hospitality, and corporate sectors suggests the rise of popularity and interest.

Used Leather Office Seating

Here are four pre-loved Leather Chairs we have chosen for the purpose of this post in order to show that eco-friendly leather that is sustained and sourced correctly is affordable. Starting from the left, here are a few brief details on the following chairs.

  • Black Executive Leather Chair with Chrome Leather Armrests and a Chrome Base £60.00 + vat
  • Black Leather Operator Chair with Leather Armrests and a Black Base £40.00 + vat
  • Black Executive Leather Chair with Leather Armrests and a Black Base £60.00 + vat
  • Black Executive Leather Meeting Room Armchair with a Chrome Cantilever Frame £125.00 + vat

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Now on to the story with knowledge and insight provided by leading experts in all things leather by

Eco Leather

 the eco leather story

The term “eco leather” has no formal meaning but with significant interest in leather we feel that it is a trend that is on the rise. Research into leather office furniture suggests that companies lack their environmental performance in line with the FSC. More information on our relationship with the FSC can be found in our next blog post so keep an eye on our social medias.

The issues surrounding the interest in “eco leathers” started from our clients who are concerned on where it comes from. We believe that there is a lack of responsibility from Office Dealers who choose to outsource rather than dealing with Local Manufacturers. The question with outsourcing leather is “Where does it actually comes from” and the answer is virtually impossible to determine. This makes you question the corporate and environmental responsibility to the environment your Office Dealer has.

The following inputs in the process of manufacturing leather must consider the management of the following restricted substances:

  • Energy consumption
  • Air emissions
  • Waste management (hazardous and non hazardous)
  • Environmental management systems
  • Water consumption
  • Control of manufacturing processes
  • Effluent treatment
  • Chrome management
  • Traceability of material

All of the following substances we cannot guarantee your health & safety regulations will be met unless you question the source of your product. It is also necessary to consider the use of certain materials that could give an improved eco profile to leather. These are elements such as:

  • Biodegradable wetting agents for soaking
  • Reduced sulphide processing
  • Non synthetic or polymeric re-tannage systems
  • Natural dyestuffs
  • Vegetable oil based fatliquors
  • Optimised finishing systems to reduce waste such HVLP or roller coating
  • Biodegradable in 12 months or less

In summary, although there is no current definition, these are the key elements we believe should determine eco leather;

  • Control of leather manufacturing processes provided by your Office Dealer
  • Clean technology chemical selection in the process
  • Effective management of restricted substances within the leather
  • A measure of the end of life impact
  • Your Office Dealers Corporate and Environmental Responsibility to the FSC.

We cannot guarantee that provision to the following elements are adhered to by Leather Office Furniture sellers on the internet. However we can guarantee that all our Leather is FSC certified and handled by Local Professionals. Contact us here for more information.

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