Happy New Year – Bevlan Team

Happy New Year – Bevlan Team

Happy New Year – Bevlan Team

We hope you all had a wonderful 2013 and a fabulous Christmas. It’s time to snap back to reality and embrace the New Year with welcoming arms. We have made some New Year’s Resolutions and we hope you have too. Of course they have to be realistic.

If you have missed our ‘Christmas Wishes’ please check it out here. http://goo.gl/UQ4YK7

To celebrate the New Year we will also be posting weekly January sales. This month only so bookmark or favorite this space!

We know that January is the time for most businesses to update, create, and refresh your business and its environment. Our wealth of experience has delivered us the business know-how in order to understand the best time for our old and new customers to buy office furniture.

To help you, here is our ‘When to buy office furniture’ to guide you on the specific month to buy. Click here.

To update you on our recent post, the best time to update your offices is during the January period when all new office furniture are being released and all old office furniture prices are being deducted and dealers such as us have enough opportunity to give you discounts.

So update your office environment today, make a change and bring in some new colours and design ideas. We can help with all your interior design needs with our full interior turn-key package. Make your offices a new year’s resolution and contact us now.