How to make Hot Desking work for you

How to make Hot Desking work for youHow to make Hot Desking work for you

Introducing the most flexible and dynamic way of minimizing social deficiency amongst the workplace. Hot Desking is a popular method used by many busineses in order to create a much more friendlier, team working environment where staff can work together on projects and share ideas. As well as the advantages of using hot desking there are also disadvantages, so here we are here to help you make the right decision.

When Hot Desking, no employee has ownership over any particular desk which is why you must always keep the desk tidy and clear of any personal or work items. This can help when collaborating on projects but can be of disadvantage when seeking storage. Investing in lockers for your employees can be an easy fix.

The fact that Hot Desking also allows more space can also increase levels of efficiency by keeping employees on their feet, interacting with other employees by creating rapports with other departments within the business.  Creating more space can allow areas to be used as break out areas to encourage creativity, hapiness and lower stress.

What if you have already settled down?

Established companies may see this as a problem Employees may not want to give up there beloved desks and space,  as an Office Interior Specialist we know this and understand why, therefore creating Hot Desking in parts of the office is a suggestion we would advise.

The concept of Hot Desking may be new to your employees so it can a dramatic and change for them. Gradually introduce the idea on Hot Desking to your employees through meetings or sessions where you are all together. Gather feedback on within these times to find out whether this is right for the business as a whole.

Hot Desking is simple and can be implemented by anyone, to get it right is another thing. Consulting your local Interior Designer or Office Furniture company is a lot quicker and a lot less hastle, in most cases a space planning and design service is FREE. Maximise your space now by allowing us to rework your space available by removing paritioned walls and opening up your zones to free up dead space.