Is it time to redecorate your Offices?

Is it time to redecorate your Offices?


First impression counts! The look and style of your offices represent your company’s image and work ethic.

So when do you think is the right time to rejuvenate or redecorate your offices?

Luckily for you our expert interior knowledge can guide you in making the right decision. Firstly analyse your office and ask yourself whether you need improvement. One way to get true feedback is to ask your employees through an anonymous questionnaire.

Another way for you to decide is to take a good look at your offices and if you don’t like what you see, then chances are that your employees feel the same. Being uncomfortable in the office space around you may also mean that your employees feel the same.

Thus impacting on work efficiency, health and behavior of your employees. Check out my post on creating a happier work environment here.

There are three important factors to consider when choosing to redecorate your offices. Comfort, Visual and Meaning are vital in maintaining a professional and desirable company image that supports your goal.  If you don’t think your office offers these three meanings then it is time to change.

No need to stress, walk into your offices with admiration of the space around you. A pleasant office will impress your customers and functional office means an efficient team. At bevlan we can look after the furniture set up, colour scheme,  artwork, lighting, flooring, portioning and all to do with interior design.

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Check out one of our most recent installations here at RIS in Rochdale and Canary Wharf.

Strike an impression at first sight and contact us today to bring life into your office.