Le Corbusier Sofa Collection

Le Corbusier Sofa Collection

Le Corbusier – 6th October 1887 – 27th August 1965

Let’s start with a history lesson on Le Corbusier himself, a fascinating proprietor of various systems orientated around the human body. Le Corbusier’s most famous work included proportional systems such as the Golden Ratio which resulted in architecture and furniture that adjusts perfectly for the human body.

Le Corbusier reflected his integrated systems within his furniture designs, personally described as “Extensions of our limbs and adapted to human functions”. Relax on his famous Corbusier Single & Two Seated Sofas and you’ll atomically understand his rendition.

The Human Body was greatly studied by Corb’s, he acknowledged the various proportions that the human body could envelop. His work was to be sculpted to fit your body precisely, regardless of physique.

Corb’s most famous assertion was that your “House is a machine for living in”. His assertions incorporated within his furniture that makes any home or office beautiful.