My Chair Keeps Going Down

My Chair Keeps Going Down

My chair keeps going down. What is that sinking titanic feeling when you sit on your chair? No, you haven’t hit an iceberg, there are a number of possibilities and we have narrowed them down for you with help from Falcon who is a Furniture Repair Specialist with over 10 Years Experience.


  1. There is a plastic button on the top of the cylinder that is depressed by the lever assembly on the side of the mechanism.
  2. Check the specifications of the chair to see if it can hold your weight. Tip: You can often find the spec underneath the chair.
  3. The pneumatic cylinder is shot and needs to be replaced. Tip: Unlikely to happen
  4. The head of the cylinder can sit in the hole of the chair mechanism too far and this causes the button to be depressed slightly-causing the chair to automatically rise when you get up and fall when you sit down.



Now the most likely possibility for your choice keeps going down is because of the plastic button on the top of the cylinder that is depressed by the lever assembly on the side of the mechanism states Falcon.

You will need:

  1. Hammer (Not Rubber)
  2. Chair Manuel (Not essential)
  3. An empty room
  4. Help (May be best to get some help)
  5. Utility Knife
  6. Manufacturers Warranty (Just In case)



  1. Turn the chair upside down. hold it with one hand by the silver part of the cylinder and with the other strike the underside of the chair mechanism with a heavy hammer.
  2. Get your helper to hold and one to strike.
  3. Hold the chair by the base and hit the cylinder butt in the middle of the base (try to avoid hitting the silver post and c-clip right in the middle).
  4. Take the utility knife and shave a little off the plastic button tip, reseat the cylinder head and give it a test drive. repeat a few times to see if it stops sinking. if not, then you need to replace.
  5. Last resort is to contact the manufacturer because cylinders vary in size and length. and, it may still be under warranty.


Or alternatively you can try this easier solution credits to the Youtube User.

Source:, Falcon, Yahoo.