New Collection for Social Spaces – New Era & Block Steel


A chance for you to view some of our highly awaited new collection of products will be showcased weekly on our blog.

This gives you first glance on the most exciting and unique range of office furniture available in the current market. Today we are looking at the NEW ERA & BLOCK STEEL range designed specifically for social spaces, however it can also complement all areas making it very multi-purpose.

new era breakout With a new vast amount of appealing fabrics, patterns and colour choices you can easily see why the new era range of seating complements this city office. Adding patterns, and multi coloured new era chairs highlights the company’s creative edge as well as matching their company colours. The city skyline is merely a background that showcases the uniqueness and sublime versatility of the new era range!

new era

Whether you are looking to create a funky feel, sustainable eco or modern vibe you will have plenty of choice to match your company’s personality to your office. It is proven that your clients first impression on your company is the way your office looks, so be creative and make it your own.

block steel seating area

The Block Steel is an exciting, big and powerful new range of seating for social spaces. The range is adaptable to almost every space and structurally sound when looking for longevity in any environment. Block steel is both colourful and practical – a designer’s dream.

block steel seating area

The advanced dining system for exceptional durability and ease of cleaning makes block steel a simple and desirable choice for all eating areas.

block steel seating area

The durable white powder coated steel frame and impact-resistant edges make block steel an easy-clean surface without loosing it’s look! Block Steel is ideal for all hospitality areas such as Canteens, Bistros, Breakout and even outdoor.

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