New Quadrifoglio Executive Range



New Quadrifoglio Executive Range

Introducing the new Quadrifoglio Italian Executive range known as the T45. Highlighting the boardroom table and the executive desk that is developed for style, simplicity and function. The credenzas were integrated in the making of the executive desk. Through the large surface and detailed lines you can see that the T45 range is a work of fine Italian art.


Storage solutions were integrated within the desk to save space and gives a bigger return when purchasing the desk. The simplicity and style of the executive table and desk is the evolution of office furniture for contemporary work.

Quoted from Quadrifoglio

“A bridge between classic and modern style. T45 is characterized by extremely clean lines and strong personality, it features a pleasant environment with a stylish combination between old and new aesthetic
trends, strong and functional”.

Overall this range boasts a very simple and stylish design that is very affordable compared to its Italian predecessors.

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