Why Noise can be a problem in the Office?

Why Noise can be a problem in your office

Noise at high levels in the office environment can affect the performance of your staff; the outcome can lead to poor efficiency, focus and communication.  However there are methods to combat noise levels in the workplace, and a well looked after company should always seek assistance from their local office interiors with help on office acoustics.

To combat noise levels you must first identify the source to be able to reduce and control unwanted noise levels. This can be:

  • Recurring sounds – For example, employee’s voices, telephones left ringing, slamming doors or squeaking hinges
  • Periodic noises – Photocopiers, computer servers, printers, air conditioning or heating systems

Here’s where can we can help in regards to designing a functional office that controls noise. Finding the unwanted source of noise is the first step, the second is to eliminate that source.

This could result in something as simple as:

  • Introducing desktop or floor standing screens around desks
  • Allowing sufficient space between individual workstations
  • Locating desks away from high traffic areas
  • Installing suspended ceilings and acoustic flooring, using sound absorbing materials, especially in high traffic areas
  • Introducing partition walls to create separate meeting rooms or Pods.
  • Grouping noisy equipment together away from workstations or isolate them in a separate room if possible

We take all these things and more into consideration when planning a workspace, ensuring the only thing on the increase is happy, productive staff.

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