Be the NV of all your colleagues

Be the NV of all your work colleagues

Be the NV of all your work colleagues

Generating popularity and relationships within the workplace can be difficult, why not make things much simpler within the workplace with this NV Executive Chair. Designed to work primarily in executive offices, but can also be used within the conference and boardroom environment. Although having one of these NV Executive chairs at home will make headlines during family meals.

Italian design with an international twist, designed for elegance and purpose. Possessing some unique features for use within the office such as it’s synchronised mechanism providing free float back actions lockable in 5 positions.

The NV is an exceptionally comfortable chair manufactured using cold cure moulded foam so that the seat and ergonomically shaped slim line back retain their shape. Offering a sustainable, fully adjustable and versatile chair for those 24/7 workaholics. 

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