Office Safety Tips

Office Safety is a key environmental safety rule that everyone must abide by when planning to create an office.

At Bevlan we have introduced 3 simple tips you should follow:

Office safety tips

  1. Save money, time, and your health by investing in an an interior    designer: Although this is not essential, it is beneficial. Interior deisingers not as costly as you may think, in fact if you look carefully some interior designers provide a ‘FREE space planning and design service’.  Interior designers also save you time when you could be making business and money by simple planning everything for you, including the furnishing and waste disposal. Not forgetting that most experienced interior designers specialise in office ergonomics and health and safety around the workplace.
  2. Introduce cable management: Statistics from RoSPA state that cables are the most identified hazard within your office. Introducing cable management erases all forms of tripping, falling over and injuries to do with electricity.
  3. Office ergonomics: Office ergonomics play an imperative role in making sure your office equipment and furniture such as your chair, workstation, mouse & keyboard, and display monitor is positioned to the level fit around your specific requirements.

Please see our diagram above for more guidance