Green Eco Livings temporary adoption!

Well… Metaphorically speaking of course.

Since day one at bevlan office Facebook 2MBinteriors we often come accross small businesses, customers, and locals coming enquiring about the loan of some of our office furniture within our warehouse & showroom. And we were in a position where this was an option and chose to grow and expand and thrive of this feature that we have. Luckily for us, we provide many ways for our customers to use our office furniture and have made us a popular compeitor within our area.

Here is an example at Green Eco Living who we have most recently loaned a desk and chair too. The company chose us because we have been around for 30 years and still provide the old fashioned customer service that has long passed away since the development of technology and time. Green Eco Living is a leading provider of eco friendly, energy efficient home garden office buildings and suppliers of camping pods. Based in Lancashire and are able to design, install, and build themselves.

Facebook32MBAs some of you now know that we do loan office furniture, Why not visit us at one of the largest showrooms in the UK right outside your door?

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