Our Manager jumped of a plane…

CharityYes you read correctly, Watch it here!

Our very own manager Bev Mercer braved the 15,000FT skydive of a plane! You are probably wondering how this relates to anything at all. Well, this was for charity. In total, Bev raised nearly £2,000 for charities.

At bevlan office interior, supporting our local community means taking action and giving somthing back. With over 30 years of providing office furniture and unique service to our customers… Oh by the way, this is our 30th Annivary! Why not celebrate with us on Facebook & Twitter.

With the money raised, it can support our local community hugely as well as other areas in need of support. Taking action when it comes to giving somthing back to the community is what we have done at bevlan since the beginning. Not forgetting the donations and support for Bev before and after her skydive, thanks to all her friends and businesses!

You can see Bevs skydive video by clicking here, dont forget to tweet and facebook us!

Supporting our community since 1984 – Bevlan

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