Radio 5 Live Offices

BBC 5 Live offices

Imagine the possibility of combining both work and pleasure.

Have you seen the Radio 5 Live Offices?

Bespoke office furniture mixed with stylish and functional out of this world factory made office furniture. In their offices they strive on measuring efficiency and productivity within the workplace, so you may be wondering why everything is so out there?

I can tell you that…

Colour fluctuates negative energy, sets of all kinds of mixed emotions, and triggers your brain into power mode. I may be over exaggerating… A little… Okay maybe a lot, but don’t you agree that vibrant colours are more visually appealing then your standard white and grey; I think so.

Radio 5 Live Offices have done what Google does best. Giving what the staffs wants in order to look forward to work, here are the advantages and disadvantages;


Staff look forward to work on a Monday morning

Increase in moral and pride at work

Motivation and love for the company and Managers

Increase in efficiency and productivity as shown in Google Offices all over the world.


There are simply none that I can think of…

You are this close to grabbing a slice of success that Google and Radio 5 Live Offices have had through their believe in creating a workplace that looks like a place to have fun and work hard. So why not invest in some bright, modern and stylish office furniture today and deliver what your competitors are scared of doing.

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