Standing is the NEW Sitting

There are major health benefits for standing for much of the day rather than sitting. A recent survery showed many of us spend up to 12 hours a day sitting looking at computers or watching TV. If you also take into account the hours you sleep which is 7 – 8 hours on average, there is only 4 hours to be up on your feet. Victoria Beckham was recently pictured using a desk with built in treadmill. Maybe the treadmill isn’t right for your office! But Bevlan have a solution.


Quick Quiz Question…How many calories do you burn standing up rather than sitting down?

Answer: You burn double the amount of calories just by standing up as oposed to sitting down.

How many hours a day should you be stood up for?

Answer:The recommended amount of time we should be stood up during a working day is 2 hours, written by health experts and published in the British Journal of Sport Medicine. Don’t worry, not all at once! This can be broken up into small periods of time where you are pacing, standing, walking and even fidgeting! Although the aim is to build up to 4 hours on your feet a day in the office.


The health benefits include:

  • Reduced risk of cancer (Sitting can increase the risk of cancer by 66%)
  • Reduced risk of diabetes
  • Reduced risk of obesity
  • Reduced risk of heart disease

You make think that in reality standing in the office isn’t feasible. However it’s all about the equipement you provide for your team. A stylish answer to a complex problem… Move! Bevlan supply a height adjustable desk range called Move! which is simple to use and easy on the eye. Height can be adjusted electronically (with a push of a button), manually (using a crank) or use the ‘set & forget’ for a fixed height option. We offer a back to back option or stand alone desk in wide range sizes and finishes.
Height Adjustable desks, Sit Stand, Standing while at work, Increase productitivty and health while standing while you work


Standing while your working may feel rather odd but with the health and productivity benefits, it can’t be ignored any longer.
“Ideas don’t happen in the boardroom, they happen in corridors” Steve Jobs, Apple.


For office workers, It’s easy to stagnate when sitting at your desk all day long and this does nothing for active thinking and development of ideas. It’s really important to have a change of scenery to help the creative process. Corridors with poseur tables and breakout areas are an ideal place to stimulate conversation and come up with bright ideas, also boosting productivity.

Tables for corridors, Coffee tables, Poseur tables, encourage places for staff ideas

‘Roller’ Poseur tables with no chairs – Perfect for creating a space for staff members to chat. Usually the best place to generate great ideas.

There are many more ideas we can present to you for getting your office standing during the work day. From a Managers point of view it will help with avoiding sick days and bad backs within staff members and increase productivity and creativity for the business. Get in touch with the Bevlan team of experts for more information.