Uffix – My Mood, My Design.


Uffix office furniture is a way of life, an impeccably clever form of office furniture that understands our wellbeing and works around our lifestyle.

The Uffix style

The workplace is where we spend the most of our lives so to surround oneself with nice things, and materials that are pleasant to the eye and to the touch is a solution Uffix can bring. Uffix office furniture brings warmth and emotions to create a dynamic and modern approach to the workplace since 1991. It is important to understand the culture and design of office furniture in the workplace so to express a perfect synthesis of design, creativity and innovation you must endeavor to use Uffix as a sustainable source of high quality materials and pioneering technology.

The Luna Range

Luna is both an elegant and symbolic range of Italian office desks designed by famous Ferrari designer Pininfanina together with Uffix. The desks contributes to the significance that is Ferrari with its asymmetric arch structure and hardened crystal surface together with the Bulgaria hides. It upholds the level of reputation that Ferrari maintains and respects the art and movement of design.

Luna Desk Luna Desk

Uffix communication

Bevlan & Uffix dedicate our corporate responsibility to create a customized habitat specific to your brand. The products we communicate within and outside the company aims to bring professionalism and reliability through a dynamic and modern image. This philosophy is our smart approach to office interiors and the delivery of office furniture differentiating from our competitors.

The YO range incorporates our smart solution to create your customised habitat, it is both a flexible and dynamic way of synchronising your brand to your office environment. The innovative range operates to meet your individual needs as a solution inspired by creative workers in the most creative workplaces. YO is a contemporary office furniture concept designed for workstations, open spaces, meeting areas, and executive and reception areas. The dynamics of the YO system adapts to spaces in a continuous evolution with the different typologies of metal and side panels which pose as the most versatile characters of the YO range.

Uffix Communication

Uffix business

The highest standards of ergonomics and comfort comes from the functionality and efficiency of your office furniture. The ‘myPOD’ Uffix range introduces your business to an innovative solution as well as a dedicated experience of working in a efficient and modern office. The myPOD range means Personal Office Desking that expresses your personality and aimed to obtain an intelligent and personalized space. It expresses ‘friendly’ thinking, which overcomes fixed and pre-determined schemes and moves towards the users emotional Space becomes a natural habitat as it is liveable and welcoming. It’s the projectile concept which has conceived myPOD.

myPOD Office Desks

myPOD Office Desk

The Elements range is a new balance among shape, material and space. This is the office planning concept that gave birth to the Element range of furniture, Uffix new collection, inspired by aesthetical pureness and formal reduction. The numerous finishes in the Uffix Element range of furniture include walnut veneer, hide and unglazed porcelain, which takes inspiration from colours and natural elements, recalling the day to day interaction with our habitat. Element furniture offers the ultimate luxury in executive furniture.

Element Office Desk

Element by Uffix designed to surround your office environment with natural materials in the office furniture.

Uffix Nature

Our Bevlan promise is to continuously deliver a high quality manufacturing process which holds the environment in great esteem shows responsibility towards future generations, too. The Uffix collection we deliver strikes to impress with a sustainable method of dynamic, innovative, friendly and personal office furniture.

Bevlan and Uffix work together to design nature and environmentally friendly office furniture for our clients.


You can see more of our environmental promise here and a full range of our seating solutions can be viewed on our website.