When is The Best Time to Buy Office Furniture

The Best Time to Buy Office Furniture2

As a specialist supplier of office furniture for over 30 Years we realise that our customers are quite unsure of the best time to buy. Therefore I will be helping you through your buying decision and letting you know exactly when is the best time buy office furniture in relation to the time, season and month and new product releases.

New product releasing in?

Generally 90% of our trusted manufactuers we work with explode in releasing new products between two to four times a year. Thus relulting in an impact of increase and decrease in office furniture prices. The months that manufacturers tend to release new office furniture is between February and August.

Why you ask?

This is because we as office furniture dealers know that in January most of our customers have generally less income then they do around october or november. Therefore we work with our manufactuers to work out the best time to provide those lip biting deals we know you live around January at the lowest prices possible.

New offices also tend to be available around the January period so we prepare ourselfs as we expect businesses to have a huge influx on sale office furniture to stock up for the new year.