Wireless Charging Office Furniture

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We’ve recently noted Ikea have announced they are soon to be bringing out some new wireless-charging furniture. This is a really useful tool to have within your workplace. Bevlan Office Interiors have been selling office desks with wireless charging portholes since Spring 2014.

Have you ever come to work and your phone is dead? Wireless Charing Office Desks are the solution to avoid hassles like having:

  • No battery left
  • To remember your charger and take it into work
  • To find a free plug socket in the office
  • To find the plug socket near enough to your desk!

Obviously we still need to use mobiles while working especially if you are a sales rep or business representative who will go and visit clients on a regular basis but will still need to touch base with your office colleagues.

We have a variety of contemporary office furniture to suit all working environments that can have our PortHole III Wireless Charging device fitted. The ranges of operative desks to executive desks we have available include:

  • I Bench Desks
  • Pure Desks
  • Qudos Desks
Wireless Charging Desk ranges

Wireless Charging Desk ranges




Wireless charging is designed to fit any desk that has a standard 80mm cable port hole. By simply placing your mobile phone on the wireless charging module it will charge! The L.E.D indicator lights up when your phone is in the right position and starts charging itself. It’s like being in the future!

There are numerous mobile phone devices which the PortHole III wireless charging module supports including:

  • iPad
  • iPhone 5
  • iPod Touch
  • Nexus 4
  • Blackberry Playbook
  • Blackberry Curve
  • Samsumg Galaxy S3
  • Kindle HD
  • HTC Desire Z
  • HTC Desire HD

The Wireless Charging Device is available in 3 colours – Black, Grey & White. These can be picked to blend with your desk surface or contrast to give a stylish look.

If however you do not have a mobile phone with is compact-able to the PortHole III Wireless Charging module we have The ‘Wave’. This is a wireless charging receiver that can be used in conjunction with the PortHole III. It is small and compact to keep neatly within your drawer pedestral. It can connect to all mobile phone devices on the market.

Wave wireless collage

When Ikea announced their new product on the news, we thought this is not new to Bevlan! We are at cutting edge of technology trends. If you need anything to make your office more functional just let us at Bevlan know how we can help.

We also have new and used office furniture to view at  http://www.usedofficefurniturelancashire.co.uk/ and a showroom to view the office furniture before you decide on your purchases.