Due to dedicated innovation from SNOWSOUND® Technology, a brilliant series of acoustic panels are available, ideal for absorbing irritating sounds and improving the working area.

Sound control, and style, in a streamlined design

These panels improve acoustics through avoiding reverberation and achieving selective absorption through different densities of material.  The double-sided design and ‘A-Rated’ Acoustic level indicate excellence, tailored to be efficient whilst occupying only a minimal space; suitable for even the busiest offices.

Sustainability combines with scale of selection

Available in a range of colours and installation methods, they also can transform the aesthetics of any room. These are designed with modern demands in mind; with the panels being eco-friendly, easy to maintain and available in a number of different designs, including Mitesco, Cocker and Corista. Dividers and wall installations are also possible. This allows for an effective form of sound-control furnishing which can feature in a range of workspaces.


A high performing panel which combines sound absorption with aesthetics. It is not only a patented modular system capable of instantly improving the acoustics of a room, but is a stunning piece of modern furnishing in itself.  A number of colours, compositions and designs are available.


A light polyester panel which can be easily installed in a range of environments.  It is a simple design with maximum acoustic control. Available freestanding, with hanging options, it makes a sleek addition to any room.


A sound-absorbing light weight panel which is specially designed to deal with sound modulation; ideal for recording studios. Available with a powder-coated steel easel, this allows for the greatest ease of transportation and assembly.


SNOWSOUND® technology meets a phone-both design – creating the perfect unit for making and taking calls, without the sound reverberations. Cocker is a wall-hanging booth, ideal for standing use, complete with internal polyester panels for improved sound-absorption.


Here at Bevlan we are proud to provide a range of the latest workplace solutions and innovations, for a more productive and well-furnished environment.  That is why we provide SNOWSOUND® Technology Acoustic Panels, in multiple designs, at some of the most competitive prices.  Our high levels of customer service and passion to ensure that you receive a product you are happy with, mean that clients return to us time-over.