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Block: Wagamama Style

At Bevlan we can help choose the right furniture for your office and we will provide one to one care from one of our design specialists. We can produce FREE CAD drawings and help with space planning towards your new colourful office.
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July: New Office Furniture

Check out the new furniture available this July, if you like the look of this furniture now then please do contact us. We can adapt their furniture to fit your style, office theme and space.
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Hide & Seek

An important factor in creating a suitable place to work is noise. With many people working in the office the noise levels can become so high it can make working difficult. Sometimes a quiet spot in the office can help cancel out all noise levels. The Hide is created just for that. It has a noise-cancelling design to help with all high-traffic areas. It is suitable to sit and work solely, making it easier to concentrate and prevent losing concentration.