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Modern Funky Chairs

Most office environments nowadays are very uniform and boring, not with Bevlan, we like to promote our funky furniture and create a modern exciting work space for our clients. Offices don't need to be boring, we can design a creative setting with bright colours and funky patterns. We offer free one to one help alongside free CAD drawings and space planning, we can help design your breakout areas to your managers office, creating a space everyone will be envious to work in!
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Accessorise your office

When planning your new office, it's easy to forget about the little things which matter most. Here we will explain what you need for desks and what you may want for your desks. Also what accessories we have available for your office space to maximise your space and keep your office clutter free.
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Upholstered Soft Seating

Whether it may be for your breakout or reception area, one key element needed is the comfort in the seating areas. Upholstered soft seating gives a variety of different options for you to choose from whether it be sofas, booths or small stools.
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Latest Projects -

Take a look at our installation at at the end of the process their boardroom looked amazing! Giving Alan Sugar a run for his money! Although all our installations take a lot of hard work and commitment, we can do exactly what we have done for for whatever space you have!
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Rustic: The Huddle Shed

Bring the outdoors into your office this summer with the Huddle Shed. The outdoors have a natural appeal to us all. The sky, earth, water, and other outdoor elements make us feel refreshed, calm, and peaceful. So how do we get these elements from the outdoors, inside of our working space? The easy way is by bringing plants or colours into your office space but why when you can bring the outdoors in with your office furniture.
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Office Screens

Office screens are an affordable way to bring privacy and noise reduction into your open plan office environment. Office screens are available in a range of colours and styles as shown in this blog, whether you want to bring privacy or just add a touch of colour to your desk. Curved top, wave top and straight top are all available
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Zero for Hero - Bistro Cafeteria Chair

The new Zero chair's will certainly keep you a hero within your workplace. Choose from 4 different options Zero 2-tone, Zero 3-tone, Zero Duo and Zero Upholstered. They make the perfect bistro chair for your cafeteria, hotel, restaurant or canteen/breakout area in your office. With the huge amount of colour options available they can be teamed up to match your company colours or surrounding area.