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Jig Breakout Furniture Collection

Meet the new Jig Collection: There are different studies on the type of colours to avoid and use when designing your workplace and this is due to the impact it has on people’s mood in the office. Working in a bland office can be boring – colours can affect our attitude towards work. So when designing your work place think about choosing a colour that will keep the moral up.
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UCLAN Summer Refresh

Take a look at what we created at Uclan, this refreshing new design stands out to both the students and local people
Jig Social - Office Chair - Breakout Furniture

Jig Social

The new Jig Social with it's hand-crafted solid oak frame is a stylish but quality breakout table available with upholstered benches. It is handcrafted from sustainable timber and comes in different wood finishes.
Sand Chair - Office Chair - Breakout Furniture

Sand Bistro Chair

Superior comfort for long periods of sitting Stable sledge frame that interlinks for conference use Stacks up 40 high for space saving storage
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Mesh Office Chairs

The ever growing popular mesh chairs - a full complementary range of meeting, conference, visitors and operator chairs are available in mesh. From funky to professional we have covered the whole diversity of choice for your work place with these mesh chairs. If you're in the UK and you're searching for chairs for your office environment, then you're in the right place.