Acoustic Panels - Fabricks - Acoustic Pods

Acoustic Panels - Need Privacy?

Acoustic panels can be the perfect, easy solution to creating privacy for your employees. In todays workplace, with open plan offices becoming more popular, privacy can be hard to achieve. Let us introduce to you the solution...
Modular Seating - Huddle Medium

Modular seating - Shape up your breakout area!

Modular seating is a creative moveable, configurable and functional option for your office space. With the modular seating ranges being so extensive they are a brilliant way to shape up your office.
X4 Bench Desks

X4 Bench Desks

Bench desks are a space saving solution in all offices now. They offer a flexible linear style to your office, whilst in the vast majority of cases being the most space efficient option. Bench desks create clean lines and clutter free space.
Boardroom Table - X10 Boardroom - Boardroom, Conference Tables

X10 Boardroom Table

A high-quality boardroom table is crucial in today's competitive business world. Our Boardroom and Conference room table ranges can assist in providing you with a profession, sophisticated and coporate company image incorporating contemporary design elements with modern materials and finishes.
Two-toned furniture

Two-toned Furniture

We are all about giving you some inspiration from projects we have already completed so take a look at some two-toned furniture that we have supplied to clients recently. Two-toned furniture can add a stylish touch to your office space and overall impress your customers.