Bevlan's Speed Networking Event

We held a networking event and it was a success, we made the most of the free space we had upstairs (10,000 sqft) and we received some great feedback! Read all about how the event went here...
Interactive Furniture - FourUS Cave - FourUS Ear - High Back Sofa - Soft Seating

Interactive Furniture in the Office

Whether you need a perfect spot for your coffee break or for an informal meeting, Four®Us meets all scenarios. The Four®Us family contains several modules and countless possibilities. It fulfils the need for the perfect meeting spot, or a casual work facility; it enables you to achieve concentration and it provides the framework and opportunity to obtain peace and quiet.
Reception Area Planning - Reception Area - Reception Desk - Reception Counter

How can I plan my reception area? We can!

Planning any area of the office can seem daunting especially reception area planning as it is your first impression and you want it to be a good one but don't worry, Bevlan Office Interiors can help!