Back to school

Back to School with Bevlan

Back to School with style with the latest Bevlan educational furniture range. A classroom bursting with colour can stimulate a child's learning ability and offer amazing results!
Nest seating

The possibilities are endless when it comes to Nest seating

When it comes to Nest seating the possibilities are endless, arrange and display your seating area in any formation or way you like. The Nest seating literally does work around you, whether you want to create a break out area or somewhere to hold a meeting, look no further!

Unique Office sheds

An Office shed? May sound like a bizarre idea to you, but it really can make your workplace come alive! Office sheds can be used for multiple purposes, to rejuvenate and relax your employees or to act a meeting place. Why not take a look?

Reasons to love our new and used office furniture.

There are MANY reasons to love the quality, second-hand furniture besides from the obvious low price tag. Read on to find out why Bevlan is extremely passionate about our New and Used furniture range and want you to be too.