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The possibilities are endless when it comes to Nest seating

Nest seating

We are really excited about the Nest seating and the many various shapes that it allows you to create yourself. Known as the mosaic art of nesting together, Nest seating offers a social space for people to pause and enjoy comfort.

green nest

The most exciting feature of the Nest seating is that it leaves it shape completely up to you, you can design and shape your Nest seating however you wish. Each Nest can be made to complement any interior; through the choice of a vast range of fabric and frames.

Secondly, they are completely versatile enabling seating to even be placed around pillars and moulded to fit in small spaces.

This allows companies to be mobile, or accommodate more people in one space; which can be the perfect solution if you need a quick place to hold a meeting!

Whether you wish to add a dynamic, stylish twist to your office or add dimension and technology capabilities there is a Nest for you.

You can design your social space to look exactly how you want with the bright, modern Nest seating, it really does work around your space.


Adaptable and Versatile certainly are this products middle name.

2 nest

It’s time to move away from old, bulky office furniture that takes up all your floor space and step up to modular seating where the furniture works around you. (literally)

Grey nest

Nest features

  • Deep foamed seat for extra comfort
  • Frames available in Chrom or RAL colours.
  • The Nest power hub offers power for all mobile devices
  • Matching tables available
  • 5 year warranty
  • Made to order
  • Fire retardant, fabric and foams

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, if you are intrested in purchasing Nest seating for your office or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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