Reasons to love our new and second hand furniture ..

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There are so MANY reasons to love quality, second hand discounted furniture besides from the obvious low-price tag.

Read on to find out why Bevlan are extremely passionate about our New and Second-Hand furniture range and why we want you to be too!

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We have a selection of quality, used, new and second-hand discounted office furniture all available to see in our showroom and on our website.

Whether you need furniture for personal or business use, we have a range of amazing offers that you will not want to miss. Fit for any purpose!

Our pre-loved furniture is waiting to be yours today.

Bevlan Design tip
The money saved by purchasing used furniture, could then be used to add your own personal touch to the piece!

Saving money on second-hand discounted furniture means you’ve that extra bit of cash to potentially change over the fabrics to a colour you fancy! Did you know, a lot of our products can be tailored to how you fancy it? Whether that be alternative configurations or colour selections!

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Advantages of purchasing from our new and used furniture range…
Not only can you save money, but you can also catch a huge bargain on many items while helping the environment. A lot of products look and feel brand new at only a fraction of it’s original price! Lots of unique products come into our hands on a weekly basis. No week is the same! An absolute huge variety of different new and second-hand furniture that are discounted are available all in one place while supporting a local business!