Bevlan recycles their way to success

Recycle week

The WRAP Recycling week has returned for its 14th year therefore, we wanted to show how the team at Bevlan support recycling week- not just for seven days but every day!

Hopefully by now, you should have heard of our remarkable ` New and used department` If not check it out- click here. This department is bursting with pre-loved furniture patiently waiting for a new home. By offering pre-loved furniture in our showroom, Bevlan recycles whilst supporting local businesses with small budgets.

Additionally, we are proud to offer customers the option of having old chairs professionally refurbished or disposed of in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. We work with partner organisations to support initiatives that enable old chairs to be reused by schools, charities and community groups. In regards to this, we have donated furniture to charities such as Community Led Initiatives in Manchester to enable them to make a difference and support their worthy cause. – Check out our work

Furthermore, Bevlan holds an R4 environmental charter that not only sets us apart from many other seating manufacturers; but also encourages us to Reduce, Reuse, Refurbish and recycle whenever possible. It is our mission to provide customers with an assured, ethical source of supply that in return has allowed them to support the environment.

Recycled products

As consumers become more ethically aware and environmentally cautious, manufacturers and their products have adapted in unbelievable ways to feed this eco-friendly demand. For example, just one of our suppliers has developed a ‘sustainable tub chair’ created from 60 PET recycled bottles. We couldn’t believe how comfortable and stylish this tub chair was.


Yes, it is made from bottles amazing right?

If you are interested in the unique yet stylish, Moka felt chair then please contact us and we would be happy to help.

Make the change at your business today, it’s easy- we promise!

The everyday tasks we at Bevlan complete such as recycling paper, all our packaging, re-using paper and even recycling ink cartridges really does help. Finally, if you have got to this point thank you for reading and please do share this article and support Bevlan’s recycling journey!

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Bevlan recycles.