Your office design really does matter

Just by simply googling ‘coolest offices’ you are suddenly bombarded with glorious images of nap pods, rock climbing walls, massage parlours, and coffee baristas all in one office. Some may now believe that office interior is just an image concern and companies are getting lost in the battle of the `coolest workplace`.

However, besides all this office design really does matter, not just for the image of your company but for the productivity of your employees. We completely understand that not every company has a huge budget, especially not to be spent on rock climbing walls. However, the amazing team at Bevlan Office Interiors can make the most of the space you have and transform it like you’d never believe.

So why does it really matter?

Don’t get us wrong we are not saying by investing in a new desk, you will reach all your business goals. However, general discomfort in the workplace can lead to disengaged employees; which in result can affect your overall business performance. It is important to pay attention to your interior office decor, which we can simply adapt for you to gain positive results in terms of sales, employee retention, and brand image.

Bevlan Solution- Breakout areas for employees to escape, rejuvenate and return to work motivated and ready. 

Additionally, with a variation of work styles developing, various types of offices and employees learning styles changing, it is important for office design to reflect the ever-changing work styles of today’s modern office.  For example, allowing employees to easily collaborate, escape from the noisy office and gain privacy can increase their productivity and determination to complete tasks

Bevlan solution- We can provide you with a range of acoustic panels and acoustic pods. 

Firstly, we know that all employees work differently, so it’s important for office design to reflect multiple work styles. While an open-office allows employees to easily collaborate, quiet workspaces can also be beneficial for those employees who value a little more silence. Furthermore, employees who have privacy when they need it are 1.7 times more likely to take an active approach to their job.

Secondly, a survey by `Office Supplies Company` shows that ‘ 84% of employees stated that their workspace did not allow them to concentrate easily, express ideas or work in teams.

Bevlan solution- Allow us to design your office to fit your employees working styles.

If you are still thinking why does it matter, my customers matter the most and they never see the office? Well, the quality of work produced by employees who work in an organised workspace, designed to create and execute their best efforts will always be noted and appreciated. Your productive employees who are focused more can then concentrate more on serving your customers needs.

Want to start changing your office now?

Introducing the solution…

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Step 1. – visit our website for inspiration or even our Pinterest account- bevlanofficeinterior

Step 2. Give us a call on- 01254 876666 and we can arrange a consultation with one of our experts.

Step 3- Once the consultation is over we can provide you with free CAD drawings/ mood boards and interior ideas that really reflect your companys vision

Step 4- Simply let us know which furniture you would like and let us create the magic!

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