The Rise Of The Sit-Stand Desk

The sit-stand desk was not long ago considered an office novelty but more recently has become a popular feature in many modern workplaces.  Known for being a healthier alternative to traditional sedentary desks, the sit-stand desk has many health benefits that can change an office workers lifestyle.

Headlines such as “Sitting is the new smoking” have gained employer’s attention and as a result, the popularity and demand for sit- stand desks has grown over the years.

Health experts recommend that we spend at least 2 hours per day standing or away from our desks, with the average office worker spending 8-9 hours in the office this can be a difficult task to achieve.  The option of using a sit-stand desk while completing a variety of work tasks could certainly help you achieve your recommended amount of exercise.

Another key factor is that many companies have now embraced a workplace- wellbeing culture. They include breakout areas, gyms and even exercises classes into their day to day office routines. Greater movement and activity in the office, such as standing up when taking a phone call, have been cited as factors that can help to decrease blood pressure, cholesterol, stress and chronic pain.

The freedom and flexibility of a sit-stand desk give you the opportunity to do both, standing at your desk is not beneficial for everybody, having the option to return back to seating height is important.