Training 2000 - Training Room Furniture - Educational Furniture

Training 2000 Projects

We have supplied furniture for Training 2000 for numerous years now for several buildings and all new and upcoming projects. We have recently worked with Training 2000 to supply office furniture for their projects called the AMAC and Cyber Security, we created different CAD designs options so they could pick the right solution for them.
Era - Breakout Chair - Breakout Furniture

Era New Designs

With any office environment the main function is the work performed there. We all like a break to relax in the workplace. Breaks allow for socialising and informal team-building in a calm environment. Breakout furniture is a great way to create a designated area for breaks and as well as sofas and chairs, there are great ranges of stylish stools and tables. Frovi knows all about furniture for social spaces and the Era collection does not fail to dissapoint.
Acoustic Panels - Acoustic Pods - Breakout Furniture

Attractive acoustics for the working space

Here at Bevlan we are proud to provide a range of the latest workplace solutions and innovations, for a more productive and well-furnished environment. That is why we provide SNOWSOUND® Technology Acoustic Panels, in multiple designs, at some of the most competitive prices.