Bevlan Inspiration

Home Office Inspiration

Your home is a place where you have complete control over how you want it to look, how often you change it up, and what you put in there. Since the pandemic many companies have found working from home to be an easier alternative to being in an office space for both business owners and employees. The employees are comfortable in their own space and the business owners aren’t needing to rent more spaces – win win!

Now you’ve secured the job, or you’ve solidified your own home-run business, or you’re simply studying in your space. What now to do with it to keep you motivated, stay on track and focus on work at home? That’s where we come in! Home Office Inspiration.


Bevlan – Looking at space differently; it’s in the name. We have handy team members who are trained in giving quality advice when it comes to optimising space, ergonomic furniture to fit around you and your needs, as well as brilliant CAD design which helps see your space in 3D to give you a true feel of what the planning outcome will be! A lot of our furniture is truly bespoke and customisable to match around any desired theme or colour scheme of your choice.

We have selected a few ideas below that we think would be great contenders for any home office space to optimise productivity, spark creativity and keep you on track that will be an inspiration to your home office space!