Breakout Furniture

The Breakout space is an area that stimulates interaction and relaxation where staff can take a break at work.

A multi functional breakout area can also incorporate furniture for agile workers including spaces for remote workers and a place to hold informal meetings, increase interactions increasing staff moral and productivity.

Our breakout furniture is designed to suit open meeting spaces and is ideal for open plan offices or maximising space in tight areas.

We have a large selection available from traditional to classical, from modular to contemporary offering you the flexibility to make your breakout space your own and of course there’s something to suit all budgets.

Well designed breakout areas encourage co-workers to use the breakout area more often and that doesn’t have to mean sitting down with furniture available such as high poseur tables help to increase the amount of time spent standing through out the day.

Whether its soft seating or acoustic booths for a quiet workspace we offer a comprehensive  range.

We offer a comprehensive range of breakout tables, funky chairs, or stools that will complement the look and feel of your brand.

With a wide choice of fabrics, vinyls and leathers.