Create a genuine talking point with a office hut

Collaboration and interaction are crucial elements of todays work style

 Whether you want a comfy spot to escape from a noisy office, or a private space to interact with new clients, the collaboration huts can be the solution to all of these

The Jig Arbour- A quiet retreat in serious luxury.

The Jig Shed-A beautiful addition to the Jig family.

The Huddle Shed-The iconic haven that is a talking point.

The Huddle Arbour-An easy escape from the noise of a busy office.

The Jig Cave-New way to achieve privacy in an open workspace.

Huddle Cave- Meet and chat in style, comfrot and privacy

The collaboration huts shown above come in a range of models, fabric options and sizes. If you are interested in purchasing a office hut please do contact us for further details regarding each hut. Call- 01254 876666!