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Hallis Hudson

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When Bev was office space planning in the main office, the most ideal solution was to use our new Veta bench desk range which is 700mm deep, this still allows for plenty of room but just gives that bit of extra space around the desks to walk around. Hallis Hudson decided on silver leg frames and light grey tops with an anthracite contrasting edge now available on our bench desks, meeting tables and more. For the desktop screens, we supplied silver aluminium frames with ‘Bluebell’ fabric, a lovely light blue to match their colours on the feature walls. For the operator chairs we supplied our Goal operator chair with mesh back and ‘Swizzle’ fabric, a contrasting lime green. Under the desk Hallis Hudson opted for mobile three drawer pedestals with grey carcass and anthracite top to match the desks.

In the training room it is being used for multi purposes so the perfect solution was to use the reunion tilt top moveable tables. To match the desks we used the same wood finishes on the training tables but the opposite way so the anthracite was on the top of the training tables and the light grey was on the edges of the training tables. Again the contrast looks sleek and modern, it stands out for other traditional office furniture. These tilt top moveable tables are practical in room thats are used for multiple purposes due to their versatility, they can be folded and packed to one side when not in use and they can be made into different shapes whether for a meeting or when training in a group or even individually. Around the tables we used the matrix mesh back chrome cantilever frame meeting chairs in lime green and grey alternately placed, matching the operator chairs chosen.

In the boardroom/meeting room we supplied a boardroom table to seat 12 people. The table was from the reunion range in a barrel shape with tulip chrome base again in the same finishes as the rest of the furniture, anthracite top and light grey contrasting edge detail. Round it we have used the same chairs as in the training room, the matrix mesh back chrome cantilever frame meeting chairs, using the lime green and grey alternate around the table.