Handlesbanken Leeds


The Mission

Handelsbanken believe in the good old fashioned way of banking by having branches in towns with Managers dealing locally with your business requirements. We were given the opportunity of liaising with both the managers for Lancaster and Leeds to furnish their branches, whilst they needed to be in keeping with the Handelsbanken brand they were able to put their own ideas into place too.

The Design

Leeds went for a more traditional look by selecting an oak finish on the Sirius range of wave desks with silver frame and grey fabric wave screens, they opted for leather operators chairs as opposed to fabric too. For the boardroom they also went for a Reunion table with chrome tulip base but again in oak with a matching credenza and leather chrome framed meeting room chairs. White storage wall was used in the corridor giving ample storage and a neat finish with a couple of Giggle chairs in contrasting grey fabrics and a glass table with tripod base by reception.