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Designing spaces for people.
We design office spaces that allow your team to unleash their true potential. Whatever the business model, or industry, people need offices that fit their specific needs.
Office furniture for every budget.
Office fitouts are our bread and butter. Our wide range of office furniture products ensures that we'll find the perfect solution every  budget.
All the best brands under one roof.
Bevlan is an official dealer of the most recognisable brands in the UK and Europe. We have everything, from high-end Italian executive chairs and desks, to tough, heavy duty storage.
Productivity-driven interior design.
Great commercial interior design is not just about aesthetics. It needs to be optmised for productivity too. With over 35 years of experience, we know how to design offices where efficient collaboration and communication go hand-in-hand with beautiful materials and bespoke solutions.
The largest office furniture shorwoom in the North-West.
Our Rishton showroom is officially the largest one in the North-West. With over 10,000 sqft full of stunning office furniture products, you can experience the highest quality materials, and try out various options before deciding which one is right for you.
Proud to be Northern.
Being based in Lancashire, means that Bevlan is the perfect partner for all businesses based in the North and are looking for add some spark to their office. We are proud to provide exceptional services locally.

We are helping businesses achieve their full potential, by designing spaces that promote productivity, collaboration, and comfort.

Bev Mercer, Co-Founder
Our story began over three decades ago, when Bev Mercer teamed up with her father, Alan.

Originating as 'New and Used Office Furniture', our aim was simple: to provide local businesses with reliable, quality second-hand furniture. Through the years, our commitment to excellence and affordability resonated, prompting our expansion into serving larger enterprises based on customer referrals and recommendations. The evolving landscape of our business inspired a pivotal moment: the birth of Bevlan Office Interiors. This transformation marked our commitment to professionalism and sophistication, guiding our ethos and services.

Today, Bevlan stands tall as a cornerstone office furniture supplier in the North West. With over three decades of industry expertise, we've cultivated a reputation built on exceptional service and premium quality, earning the trust of numerous clients and maintaining an impressive 4.9-star rating on Google.

From our humble origins, Bevlan has evolved into a reputable brand known for its dedication to customer satisfaction and superior range of office furniture products. Our enduring focus on delivering top-tier projects and outstanding service has propelled us to the forefront of the industry. Our success story is rooted in our unwavering commitment to understanding and meeting the diverse needs of businesses.

Our extensive array of office furniture solutions aims not only to enhance workspaces but also to elevate productivity and comfort for our clients. The transformation from a local supplier of second-hand furniture to a trusted partner for prominent businesses reflects our adaptability and dedication to excellence. We remain committed to setting the standard for superior office furniture solutions in the North West, driven by innovation, quality, and an unyielding commitment to client satisfaction.

As our journey unfolds, our passion remains steadfast. We continue to innovate and provide high-quality office furniture solutions, empowering businesses to thrive within their work environments.

Our Story.

Our Commitment to Sustainability.

We are dedicated to providing clear information on how our products impact the environment. We work closely with our manufacturers to find accurate sustainability data for each product in our portfolio, including Recyclable Content, and Recycled Content.

You will find those on each product page, as well as in our product literature.

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