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Bodens Group

Astley, Manchester

Bodens Group

Embarking on the Bodens Group project, we anticipated a breathtaking final result, particularly after meticulously selecting the furniture for their stunning new offices. Boden Group of Companies enlisted a designer to curate their office aesthetics, and we were entrusted to provide the furniture, utilizing our new showroom stock to craft an interior that seamlessly blends elegance, modernity, and practicality.

Flexible and Consistent Furniture Solutions

The furniture we supplied not only harmonizes in terms of colours and configuration but also offers adaptability to cater to the diverse needs of a busy office environment. This flexibility is crucial for maintaining efficiency in every workspace. Consistency in design is achieved through matching patterns and colours throughout the entire office, preserving an elegant yet modern aesthetic.

Key Furniture Highlights:

  • Imperial’s Veta Bench Desks: Finished in white with Santiago Cherry Edging and Yellow Screens, these desks strike a balance between vibrant, eye-catching colours and a subtle, corporate, and clean look.
  • Remi Mesh Chairs and Dual White Monitor Arms: Ensuring design consistency while prioritizing correct ergonomic solutions for each employee.
  • Wooden-Leg Bench from Evolve Range and Poser Table with Stools: Finished in Yellow and Panaz Digital Fabric, these pieces complement the overall theme, enhancing Bodens' dedicated waiting area.
  • Ocee Design Dishy Sofas: Beautifully aligning with the fabric pattern used throughout the office, providing comfort and style.
  • Silverlined Steel Storage with Yellow Doors and Planters: Adding functionality and a pop of colour to the workspace.
  • Meeting Table from Evolve Range: Completing the project with a practical and stylish meeting space.

Showcasing Quality Finishes

To allow everyone to experience the difference in quality finishes and sizes, we encourage visits to our showroom. Explore the real products, such as the Ocee Dishy Sofas featured in the Bodens Group project, to witness firsthand the sophistication and comfort they bring to modern office spaces.

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