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G3 Global

When G3G embarked on setting up their new office at Sci-Tech Daresbury, we were privileged to be among the three selected companies to tender for the fit-out and furniture. Collaborating with Altitude Interiors and Reliabuild, we secured the contract based on our design expertise and commitment to cost-effectiveness.


G3 Global

After several visits to our showroom, G3 Global opted for iBench and A-Frame desks in Mocha and White frames, complemented by desktop screens in blue perspex and Pepi mesh chairs with blue fabric, seamlessly aligning with the office's carpeting.

Breakout and Dining Area

The breakout area featured Mocha + White poseur and dining tables paired with IKON dining chairs and stools in vibrant vinyl colours. OCEE Design Mitesco Totem acoustic panels, matching the fabric selections, not only enhanced aesthetics but also contributed to noise reduction.

Soft Seating Zone

For those preferring a more relaxed dining experience, a Soft Seating area with Liberty 2 sofas was introduced. The storage wall, seamlessly fitted in white, blended into the overall decor.

Meeting Spaces

The iBench meeting table, paired with Onyx mesh-back chairs, was chosen for both the boardroom and meeting room. The ERA freestanding acoustic pod not only serves a practical purpose but also contributes to the overall visual appeal.

G3G's Sci-Tech Daresbury workspace is a testament to collaborative excellence, bringing together the expertise of three companies to create a functional, aesthetically pleasing, and cost-effective office environment. We are proud to have contributed to G3G's vision and look forward to continued success in their new workspace.

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