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Community Arts by ZK

Community Arts by ZK, a non-profit charity, focuses on bringing diverse communities together through various age ranges, backgrounds, and cultures. Emphasizing community cohesion and integration, this charity, led by CEO Zaneb Khatun, plays a vital role in building friendships and fostering a stronger sense of community.


Community Arts by ZK

In 2019, Zaneb Khatun reached out to Alicia, our Sales Manager, to embark on a collaborative project for the new Northlight Mill Business Centre in Nelson. Introduced by Caroline, the centre manager at Business First Business Centre, the project aimed to design, supply, install, and project manage the creation of Community Arts by ZK's new office.

Design and Implementation

After an initial consultation and a visit to measure up the office space in Burnley, a comprehensive design, including CAD drawings and CGI renders, was developed. Zaneb, Alicia, and our team explored the Northlight Mill Business Centre in October 2020 to finalize room choices, considering both space and acoustics. The chosen room featured large windows, a high ceiling, and a colour palette of dark grey and white, which aligned with the company's brand colours.

Fabric, Finishes, and Desking

Slate grey and white accents were chosen for fabrics, finishes, and desking, complementing the existing room aesthetics. The logo was integrated into the design, and a render was produced to showcase the proposed colour schemes. Alicia suggested showcasing the Community Arts by ZK logo on the wall, leading to a collaboration with Wrapped UK, local vinyl specialists based in Colne, Lancashire.

Final Touches and Installation

Zaneb approved the design in November, giving the green light for installation in December. Alicia, going the extra mile, added a name plaque for Zaneb's desk and framed the design process photos for the office walls, creating a personalized touch. Installation was completed in mid-December, setting the stage for an open day in January 2021, marking the beginning of Community Arts by ZK's journey in their new vibrant workspace.

Community Arts by ZK's office transformation is a testament to our commitment to creating inspiring and functional spaces. From initial design concepts to the finishing touches, the project reflects our dedication to understanding and realizing the unique vision of our clients. We eagerly anticipate Zaneb's feedback on this collaborative venture that has brought her inspiring vision to life.

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