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Bev Mercer steps down as Bevlan's MD


Bev Mercer Steps down as Bevlan's MD.

We are excited to announce a significant transition for Bevlan Office Interiors, as Bev Mercer, the esteemed Founder and Managing Director, steps down from her role. While this may come as no surprise to those familiar with Bevlan's inner workings, it certainly signals a new chapter for the company. Bev's decision to relinquish her managing duties is not sudden; she has been gradually easing into a more advisory role over the past few years, ensuring that her clients continue to receive the exceptional care they've come to expect.

Taking the helm as the new Managing Director is Wendy McBeath, a familiar face within the Bevlan family. Wendy's tenure with the company spans back to 1990, and her last 7 years as the Financial Director have undoubtedly prepared her for this pivotal role. With Wendy's steady hand at the helm, Bevlan remains in safe and capable hands, poised to navigate the evolving landscape of office interiors with confidence.

A portrait of Bev Mercer, the co-fouder of Bevlan Office Interiors Limited
Bev Mercer, the Co-Founder of Bevlan Office Interiors

While Bev may be stepping back from her managerial responsibilities, her presence and influence will still be felt within Bevlan's walls. Her wealth of knowledge and experience will continue to enrich the team, ensuring that the company maintains its reputation for award-winning customer service. Though Bev's days may now be spent on the golf course, her dedication to Bevlan's success remains unwavering.

In Bev's absence, the day-to-day operations of the company will be overseen by Operations Director, Martin McBeath. With Martin's expertise guiding the team, Bevlan can continue to thrive and excel in delivering tailored office solutions to its valued clientele.

As Bev Mercer takes a well-deserved step back, Bevlan Office Interiors looks toward the future with gratitude for her leadership and excitement for the opportunities that lie ahead under Wendy McBeath's capable stewardship.

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