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Raymond Weil

Elevating the Manchester office of Raymond Weil, one of the last family-owned luxury watchmaking brands globally, was a true pleasure. Named after its visionary founder, Raymond Weil's commitment to exceptional timepieces sets a standard of excellence and craftsmanship in the industry.


Raymond Weil

Our goal was to create an interior that resonates with the luxury synonymous with the Raymond Weil brand. Starting with FREE space planning and a meticulous 3D CAD design, we transformed concepts into a luxurious reality, capturing the essence of timeless elegance.

Boardroom of Innovation

The boardroom, designed to be the hub of innovation, accommodates 14 individuals. Crafted with a rich walnut wood Tula Hyform table and matching credenza, it exudes sophistication. Sleek CMCA chairs with chrome cantilever bases complement the aesthetic, providing a stunning backdrop of the Manchester skyline for inspiring ideas and presentations.

Efficient Workspaces

For the busy staff, we introduced Veta, a modern bench desking design with 17 MFC top finishes. The walnut tops with white legs create a powerful and consistent colour scheme, enhancing the overall stylized work environment. Full-length desk screens add privacy and professionalism to the workspace.

Impressive Reception Area

Understanding the significance of first impressions, we curated a reception area that captivates. Executive black leather and chrome accents, reminiscent of Raymond Weil's timeless pieces, greet visitors with classic sophistication. The addition of Amber sofas in the open-plan reception area adds a touch of strong personality, seamlessly enhancing the overall interior.

The Raymond Weil Manchester project reflects our commitment to transforming spaces into luxurious and functional environments. From the boardroom of innovation to efficient workspaces and an impressive reception area, every detail captures the brand's timeless elegance. The result is an office space that mirrors the craftsmanship and excellence embodied by Raymond Weil's renowned timepieces.

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