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Crafted from recycled and sustainable materials, Bamboo represents a groundbreaking era in furniture manufacturing.
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Bamboo Eco-Friendly Storage Solutions

Elevate your office sustainability with Bamboo, an innovative and eco-friendly storage solution by Bevlan Office Interiors. Embrace a modern approach to zoning and organizing your space while contributing to a greener future. Crafted from recycled and sustainable materials, Bamboo represents a groundbreaking era in furniture manufacturing.

Key Features:

  • Sustainable Material: Bamboo is not just a storage solution; it's a commitment to sustainability. Crafted from side-pressed bamboo, every shelf, cupboard, and locker showcases the beauty of eco-friendly design.
  • Recycled Ocean Plastic: Bevlan goes beyond conventional practices by incorporating recycled ocean plastic into the Bamboo furniture range. By giving new life to materials that would otherwise harm our oceans, Bamboo reflects our dedication to responsible and sustainable design.
  • PET Felt Innovation: Experience eco-luxury with Bamboo's use of recycled PET Felt. Crafted from plastic bottles, our felt panels not only contribute to waste reduction but also add a touch of style to your workspace.
  • Low-Energy Powder Coating: Every detail counts in our eco-friendly approach. Bamboo features low-energy powder coating, minimizing environmental impact while ensuring durability and longevity.

Style Meets Sustainability: Designed with our planet in mind, Bamboo effortlessly blends style with sustainability. From the recycled materials used in production to 100% recyclable packaging, every aspect of Bamboo reflects our commitment to a greener, healthier planet.

Efficiency in Design and Production: Bamboo takes sustainable design and production to the next level by maximizing efficiency. This not only reduces energy consumption but also minimizes waste during the manufacturing process, making Bamboo a true embodiment of eco-conscious office furniture.

Make a statement in your office space with Bamboo – where eco-friendly meets functional, exclusively from Bevlan Office Interiors.

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