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A selection of bases from the new wooden frame, to swivel or four legged bases in chrome and powder coated steel, gives this acclaimed design a new classic twist.
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Dishy Collection

Introducing Dishy - the epitome of style and comfort tailored for corporate environments. Designed to elevate your space, the Dishy chair and sofa set offer a sophisticated solution that merges style with unparalleled comfort, creating an inviting atmosphere for discussions and collaborative moments over a cup of coffee.

Key Features:

  • Stylish Versatility: Dishy chairs and sofas exude elegance, boasting a striking silhouette that adds a touch of sophistication to any corporate setting. The acclaimed design, enhanced by the frame's new classic twist, ensures a timeless appeal that resonates universally.
  • Premium Comfort: With a generous seat and premium quality foam, Dishy prioritizes comfort, providing a high level of relaxation for users. Its emphasis on comfort ensures that it's not just stylish but also conducive to extended conversations and collaborative sessions.
  • Endless Configuration Options: The versatility of Dishy lies in its almost endless configuration options, allowing for varied setups tailored to your specific space and needs. This adaptability ensures universal appeal, catering to diverse preferences and workspace layouts.

Dishy embodies sophistication and comfort, offering a stylish seating solution perfect for corporate environments. Its striking design, coupled with premium comfort and versatile configurations, creates an inviting atmosphere ideal for discussions, collaborative work, or simply enjoying moments over a cup of coffee. Elevate your corporate space with the stylish allure of Dishy!

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